Coming back to Lexington for four amazing days on March 23-26, 2023!

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This year's celebrity photo ops will be handled by "Celeb Photo Ops". We are excited to announce that each shot will come with a free, immediately available digital download of the image!

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NO REAL weapons of any kind – No real swords or guns permitted. Guns must have an orange blaze at the tip of the barrel. Please refer to our Weapons Policy for more detailed information on this but if you are in doubt, leave it at home.

All props must be deemed safe by our prop inspection station (Level 3 between the Hyatt entrance and the escalator) to be allowed inside the convention. A prop is anything you are carrying to add effect to what you are wearing.

All costumes must be PG during the day and PG-13 at most in the evenings or at adult events. We are a family-friendly show. Nude is not a costume. Skimpy/sexy/edgy is probably okay, but you know when you have crossed the line. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see you out wearing it, don’t wear it here. Public exposure or flashing results in removal from the event.

YOU MUST WEAR SHOES AT ALL TIMES! The escalators love to eat bare toes.

Some costumes from anime, comic books, sci-fi, video games, and other sources may contain questionable material. We do not allow the use of hate symbols on costumes. You may wear a costume that is an accurate representation of an existing character in fandom; however, shock costumes, or costumes that have the sole purpose of offending and disrespecting other individuals, cultures, or religions in any way, are not tolerated. We ask that you be respectful of other attendees.

Costumes that may be confused with LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OR OTHER EMERGENCY RESPONSE PERSONNEL UNIFORMS are not permitted. Lexington Comic & Toy Convention has the absolute right and sole discretion to determine whether a uniform costume is permitted or too close to a real-world uniform. Convention staff reserves the right to ask an attendee wearing the said costume to adjust it or remove it.

If your costume hinders your vision or movement in any way, you should have a friend or “handler” with you at all times who can move and see freely.
Lexington Comic & Toy Convention reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable or requests to make modifications as necessary, change the said costume entirely into more appropriate clothing, or require you to leave the convention.

The Lexington Center bans roller skates, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, Segways (unless used as an approved ADA compliant mobility device), and wheeled shoes such as “Heelys” inside the convention. You may carry these items as a prop, but you may not ride them at any time in the convention center. Hoverboards are banned as well.

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention reserves the right to amend or change these rules at any time for any reason to provide for the safety, security, and general well-being of attendees and the general public.


If you feel you are the target of harassment of any kind, please alert any convention staff member. We will handle the issue swiftly and efficiently. Harassing other guests will result in revoking your membership, and immediate ejection from the convention without a refund.


Lexington Comic & Toy Convention dedicates itself to the safety and security of ALL attendees. To that end, we are implementing the following weapons policy, effective immediately. Lexington Comic & Toy Convention has the cooperation of Lexington Center and the Lexington Fayette Urban County Police Department on the policy.
Please read this entire policy before attending the convention. Failure to follow this policy may result in your convention removal, up to and including without refund.
The Lexington Comic & Toy Convention prohibits weapons from being carried inside the event.
All attendees must adhere to Kentucky State Law consistently throughout the weekend of the convention, including laws regarding firearms and weapons. Use common sense and remember what seems harmless to you may appear like a threat to someone else.
METAL DETECTORS IN USE: Please note that this year, attendees will be screened with magnetometers and be subject to a search of all bags and their person via a wand. Any items found that do not comply with this policy will impede your entry into the convention. You will go through screening each time you leave and re-enter ticketed space.
In regards to prop weapons, we consider homemade or commercially rendered costume prop weapons to support the overall look of a costume or character, including futuristic prop weapons made to look like phasers, ray guns, lightsabers, etc.
Prop weapons will be allowed, provided the composition of cardboard, foam, wood, lightweight plastic, or other light materials.
Nothing that looks like a real gun is allowed.
Bows and crossbows will only be permitted if they are decorations in nature. No tension on the string beyond what it takes to keep it straight, and arrows should not have any form of a tip. You are NOT permitted to bring any arrows with metal tips into the event under ANY circumstances.
No items can have sharp points, sharp edges, excessive weight, or any other features that could be deemed dangerous to others.
Prop weapon check occurs at the “Prop Inspection Point” on Level 3 (Hyatt Lobby Level) upon arrival. Staff inspects the prop and issues a sticker or band. Place the approval seal in/on a visible area on the prop. PLEASE HAVE TO YOUR PROP INSPECTED BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE MAGNETOMETERS! EVERY prop will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Staff may ask to take further measures to make the prop safe before approval. Be prepared for this contingency. Approved prop stickers/bands must be visible on your prop at all times. Removing the prop sticker/band violates the Weapons Policy and results in immediate expulsion from the convention. Staff may revoke any approved prop weapon at any time, at the discretion of the convention center or convention security staff. Reasons for this may include, but are not limited to, the item's utilization or brandished inappropriately or if complaints were received regarding its improper display.
The following items are NOT ALLOWED at Lexington Comic & Toy Convention:
NO functioning live firearms. This includes modern guns, hunting guns, historic guns, airsoft guns, BB guns, cap guns, paintball guns, and pellet guns.
CCDW Permit holders, please leave your weapons secured outside of the show.
NO realistic replica firearms. This includes reproduction, fake, or toy guns that can be confused for functional firearms – either metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber. Futuristic-looking space guns or blasters are fine, albeit they are not easily confused with a real gun.
NO functional projectile weapons. This includes NERF guns of any kind, blowguns, functioning crossbows, functioning long bows, silly string, slingshots, water balloons, and water guns. No props or weapons capable of firing any projectile or powder charge of any kind.
NO sharpened metal-bladed weapons. This includes axes, daggers, hatchets, knives, kunai, shuriken, swords, sword canes, and switchblades. Anything with a sharp edge would fall into this category.
NO explosives. This includes firecrackers and fireworks.
NO chemical weapons. This includes mace and pepper spray.
NO blunt weapons. This includes brass knuckles, clubs, and nunchaku.
NO hard prop weapons. This includes props made of metal, fiberglass, or glass. LIGHTSABERS ARE OK.
NO laser pointers. If you have a laser pointer in your prop or weapon, make sure it cannot function by either removing the batteries or simply not bringing it.
NO items that cause excessive noise levels like vuvuzelas, grenade whistles, and grenade horns.
NO whips unless zip-tied and tagged as an unusable circle.
NO tasers.

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention reserves the right to refuse entry of any prop/weapon it deems unfit for any reason. Any misuse of a prop/weapon (horseplay, dueling, fighting, running/swinging, firing, etc.) is grounds for removal and or ejection from convention premises without recourse, up to and including legal action depending on the severity of the offense.
PLEASE NOTE that if you violate any of the above rules you WILL be asked to comply or to leave the convention. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are asked to leave by a member of the convention security team or staff, you are required to comply with their requests or risk intervention by law enforcement. These decisions are based on the discretion of the security or staff member you are dealing with at that exact moment.
Do not attempt to skirt these rules. Do not attempt to play games with security or staff. Use common sense. If you cannot abide by the rules, please stay home. We will not endanger or put any of our attendees at risk because you want to have a more authentic costume.
Lexington Comic & Toy Con reserves the right to amend or change these rules at any time for any reason to provide for the safety, security, and general wellbeing of attendees and the public.
Please note that this inspection process may slow your entry into the convention. We will be working diligently to screen everyone as swiftly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are committed to attendee safety.  



A LIMITED NUMBER OF BOOTHS ARE ON SALE! Now that our new convention center is online, we are thrilled to announce that we have a few new booth openings for potential vendors. Please note that we are NOT accepting vendors or exhibitors who do not fit the traditional mold of a "comic-con" vendor. We are not selling booth space to folks who sell multi-level marketing items, makeup, candles (unless geeky related), small furry woodland creatures, vacation packages, or games of chance - PLEASE DO US BOTH A FAVOR AND DO NOT SIGN UP if that is what you do!

You can buy your booth HERE! (NOTE Use a PC - NOT your phone) Sponsorship booths are still available! We do have a few spaces left on the floor for show sponsors! Please contact if you are interested in becoming a show sponsor! Please note: If you make sales of nearly anything in the state of Kentucky, you are required by law to collect and pay 6% state sales tax. A Kentucky Department of Revenue representative will attend the convention to provide necessary documents to handle this tax. By registering for a booth space, you acknowledge your responsibility to comply.



After watching the COVID situation evolve in Kentucky and evaluating where we are in the world, we have decided to update our COVID policy as follows: Masks will be RECOMMENDED inside Lexington Comic & Toy Convention this year. Vaccines are also strongly encouraged, but neither are a requirement for entry.


PLEASE BRING YOUR MASK TO THE EVENT. Any celebrity guest MAY require a mask to enter their line que should they desire and any celebrity guest may require plexiglass shields in photo ops. We will try to let you know if these situations present themselves as soon as we are made aware of them. We will be providing masks at the door should you not have your own or find yourself in need. Shields are acceptable replacements for masks. We only ask that everyone do their best to keep themselves and their neighbors safe. We expect you to conduct yourselves as caring, mindful individuals. Wash your hands, get a vaccine, mask up, and don't be gross. Get your ticket today and join us this March 23-26th!



log in to growtix (or create an account if you haven't done so already) Using the e-mail you made the original purchase with. Once logged in, any ticket linked to that e-mail will show up. you will be able to get the qr code from there. You can also swap/upgrade tickets from this screen!

Absolutely! purchases can be made on level two in the photo op room.

Booth purchases for 2023 will be available for purchase online (TBD).

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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention will take place March 23-26, 2023 in Lexington, KY at the central bank Center. LCTC is Lexington's largest gathering of all things geeky! The convention features celebrities of film and TV, comics, art, music, and more.

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