An important update on the COVID-19 impact on Lexington Comic & Toy Convention - This is gonna be a long one - strap in...


As most of you are acutely aware, we have been clawing and scratching on a daily basis to be able to throw a convention for you at some point this year.

Two weeks ago, I emailed the Governor's office and the CHFS to seek some guidance on measures that we could put into place to actually pull this off. They didn't reply for a quite a while...


Over the time of waiting for some guidance about how we COULD have a convention, I started to internally question if we SHOULD have one... I asked a lot of my friends and family, reached out to staff, vendors, die hard attendees, agents, and some celebrities... The overwhelming dialog was/is that there is just no reason to risk the health and safety of everyone involved in making a convention what it is.


I came to understand that no amount of pride, money, or want would make it right for us to risk it.

That said, early this week I started making plans to push our next show all the way into our 2021 date. We already had a date for March 25-28, 2021 on the books in a great big new convention center so after some very painfully written emails, I was able to get all of our deposits rolled into that contracted date.


What does this mean? In short, it means that we will be able to put 2020 to bed, cut our losses, and move forward with the convention in a way that is safe and responsible. It means that we won't have to scramble to get great guests back for dates that may or may not work. It means that we will all be able to get on with rebuilding the convention world together without risking any of our lives.


So - I feel like a broken record saying this - IF YOU HAVE A TICKET - Your ticket is still good! It is valid for our 2021 show on March 25-28th, 2021 at the Central Bank Center.


At it's core, Lexington Comic & Toy Convention is a very small business. We have 80+ percent of our current funds tied up in deposits, airfare, advertising, and the like at the moment and those are things we are not going to be able to get refunds for. I wish I could afford to just refund every ticket automatically but alas, I cannot. My hope is to find a balance.


That said - We fully understand that everyone has needs at this time and that everyone has to look out for themselves. Given that understanding, If you cannot make it in 2021, if you don't like us anymore, or you just think I am toying with your emotions and need a refund - please email and we will get you on a refund list. Refunds may take some time to get processed. I am telling everyone 10-12 weeks from your email date. I apologize for that but I can only do so many per day and the load is big at times. Refunds will no longer be offered after June 20th.


As a reward for holding on to your ticket (we hope you will), we will be giving anyone with a valid Lexington ticket free admission into our Huntington, WV show which will be held on August 22-23rd as long as the world is healed by then. You won't have to do anything except bring your Lexington ticket to show at the door and it will get you into the Huntington show - You will get two shows on one ticket.

Furthermore - VIPs who hold their tickets will still get the exclusive comic from this year and the perks for 2021 so you will be getting some extra value as a "Thank you" for holding onto your ticket.


Photo Op tickets for 2020 will be automatically refunded within the next 14 days - no need to email on those - That will just happen!


Hotel rooms at the Hyatt and Hilton will be automatically cancelled - Please verify yours gets cancelled just in case!


Hotel rooms for March 2021 will go on sale in the next few months and we will post here when it happens!


Guests - We have wiped the slate clean and will be rebooking a stellar lineup for March - Ideally, pushing further back will get us far enough into the safety zone that we will be able to score some great talent!


Lastly - I just want to tell you how much we appreciate the outpouring of support from everyone. This has been the hardest business decision of my life and having you guys as support has made it a little easier.


I hope beyond hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy at home or wherever you are. Please stay geeky and come back to see us in March...


Jarrod, Jaime, Katie, and Catrina -
Lexington Comic & Toy Convention


PS - They finally did reply - with a bot that read my emails and decided to tell me that the governor had cancelled all their in house meetings...They have their hands full so I guess I will let them do their jobs while I do mine...