All –
So, after a few weeks of watching the world, I need to give you all another update and what will hopefully be some good news for a change.
When we announced the date change to May, almost immediately I started receiving emails from friends and ticket holders asking if I thought May was far enough out.  The truth is that I felt like it was.   In hindsight, I now know that I was wrong.    It seems that every day now the world and the timeline for this thing is changing and keeping up with the changes has me playing defense 100% of the time right now. 
That said, we are excited to announce a new date of JUNE 18-21st. While it is a monumental task to reschedule the event a second time, we were all becoming concerned that the May date was just too pre-mature. The Central Bank Center and Downtown Hyatt Hotel have been great in helping us get a date that we are much more comfortable with! We firmly believe that through everyone’s continued cooperation we will be able to give Lexington the event it deserves.

To maintain the 100% transparency model with you, none of us know what June will look like either.  We all know that we want to throw this thing for you as soon as we are allowed and that it is responsible to do so but your health and safety are much more important to us that what the eventual timeline looks like.  If we need to, we may have to further edit the plan to best play the hand we are dealt.
So – what does it all mean for you?

Ticketed Attendees -
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you know that your ticket IS STILL GOOD for the June date or whatever makeup date we end up with and if you cannot make that, your ticket will be good for the 2021 show.
We will simply be changing the date of the convention in our ticketing system and your tickets will still be valid for the new date of June 18-21st.  If you cannot attend on the new date, then simply do not show up. After the event (when we see who did not check in) all the unchecked tickets will be transferred to our 2021 event once those tickets go on sale. This will be an automated process – You will not need to email anyone or do anything
That said, IF you know you cannot make a future date and you have no intentions of coming to the show or do not wish to support the show in the future, please email and we will get you on a refund list.
These refunds will come but, may take as many as 10-12 weeks to be fully processed. I hope that I will have your patience as we try to make the best of an incredibly difficult situation for everyone. I know that will not make everyone happy but please know I am working on it. We have been working through refund requests as they come in and trying to make it all work.  I will be closing the refund list on May 17th so please let me know before then if you are going to need one.   Again – All you need to do is email me one time and I will get your refund processed as soon as I can.

I want to attend but don’t yet have a ticket –
If you do not yet have your ticket for 2020 and now want to attend in June, tickets are available at . We are currently donating $10.00 of every ticket purchased in the month of April to the Team Kentucky Covid 19 Fund.  It is entirely likely that tickets will also ultimately be available at the door as well.


PHOTO OPS Purchasers
We will be attempting to re-book every guest for our June date. At this time, we believe that a great portion of those guests will still be attending the event and that your photo op will still be valid. Once those are confirmed we will announce future cancellations, changes, and refund availability as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can reach out to Celeb Photo Ops at if you need something swapped or refunded.


Those with hotel reservations in our Hyatt “Fan Block”
Guests with existing reservations may contact the Hyatt reservation center at 1 800 233 1234 to change their reservations to the new dates in June. When calling the center give them your current confirmation number and let them know that the convention dates have changed to June 18-21. Tell the agent that you would like to move to the new dates. The new group code for June is G-COMN.


Vendors –
Your table is still reserved, and the floor plan is still set for June 18-21. I will be sending out a vendor info email in the coming days and it will outline steps we will take if you cannot attend/vend in June. Any tables vacated due to conflicts will go on sale on the website in the next month.


Moving on, we are going to attempt to get switched back to moving forward in the coming few days.  By the weekend I hope to be updating the website with new confirmations/updates.  By May 1st we hope to be able to start advertising again.  To be honest, trying to advertise right now just seems tacky to me.  There are so many more important things to take in right now.
Again, I am aware that some of you are going to be mad at me over this. Please know that we are trying our best to make as many people happy as possible.  Please know that I want nothing more than to give you a great con as soon as I can.
Until we have further info, take care of one another and stay healthy at home to work on that cosplay!